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What are camp cards?

  • Camp Cards are designed to help Scouts fund their own way for Camp programs!
  • Camp Cards provide a Low Risk Unit Sales project where all Scouts can earn their way to Cub Day Camps, Summer camp at Black Creek Scout Reservation, Council and District Camps at BCSR and Tolochee, BSA High Adventure Camps (Philmont/Sea Base/ Northern Tier/Summit Bechtel Reserve), other unit activities, or simply to support your overall unit program and camping
  • Camp Cards are sold for only $10 to the general public and have multiple food, service, and entertainment discounts for the customer to use throughout the
  • The participating unit can keep 50% commission ($5.00) for each Camp Card sold!
  • With the various break-off discounts and more great offers, the Camp Card literally ……..PAYS FOR ITSELF and is very easy to sell to your neighbors, friends, and family!
  • Camp Card commissions are encouraged to be applied toward directly sending youth to Summer Camp programs, but they may be used as the unit committee sees

A Win-Win opportunity to help other people save money, build Scout confidence, support many local businesses, and help “Keep the Campfires Burning” financially in the Coastal Georgia Council!


  1. Complete the unit participation form & request your cards in advance!
  2. Determine active youth in your program and set individual youth sales goals (# of Camp Cards each Scout should sell).
  3. Set an overall unit sales goal (Individual Youth goal x # active youth = Unit Goal).
  4. Clearly Communicate needs with each youth and
    1. Explain how the sale of Camp Cards teaches youth the value of earning their own way in life and reinforces Scout values
    2. Explain exactly how your unit plans to allocate the revenue generated from the sales (i.e. Youth Camper fees, Uniforms, Pinewood Derby Track, )
  1. Clearly Communicate the Camp Card sales deadlines with all youth and parents.
  1. Have a Sales Kickoff and Summer Camp Promotion
  2. Promote any council incentives & maybe offer a low-cost unit-level prize
  3. Frequently collect funds, deposit the funds, and submit contest
  4. Have a FINAL Turn-In date for funds and any unsold Camp Cards TBA.


  1. Door-to-Door – take your Scouts and Camp Cards for a trip around the neighborhood. Don’t forget your friends and local
  2. Show and Sell – schedule a group sale at a local business and sell Camp Cards on the spot (Keep in mind that many vendors on the card may have a policy against any storefront sales).
  3. Mom and Dad – Keep cards to sell at work and to give as gifts to teachers, friends, relatives, or any community hero. Don’t forget to keep cards in your car to take advantage of savings at many great businesses!


Don’t miss the opportunity to use the Camp Card Sale to train your Scouts in public speaking and salesmanship. Scouts and their parents will appreciate the effort and your sales will improve.  Have Scouts role play and practice during your Camp Card Sale Kick-off.

For a Successful Sale:

  • Always wear your Scout
  • Smile and tell customers who you are – FIRST NAME
  • Explain why you are selling Camp
  • Explain how they can help you by buying Camp
  • Close the sale and always say “Thank You!”.

Safety and Courtesy:

  • Sell with another Scout or with your
  • Never enter anyone’s
  • Never sell after dark, unless with an
  • Don’t carry large amounts of cash. Patrons can make checks out to your unit for
  • Always say “Thank You”, even when a person chooses not to buy a Camp

Coastal Georgia Council covers 22 counties and offers 9 different Camp Cards that feature National and Local businesses.

2022 Camp Card Leader’s Guide