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Our Coastal Georgia office and professional team remain available by phone, email or text for any concerns or needs that might develop with your families or leaders.  We are all saddened to see our many campfires diminished but know with confidence the embers are still hot at our unit level and soon they will burn brightly again with summer activities and camp.

What you can do? — Follow the Scout Law

A Scout is Trustworthy:  Trust in the Sovereignty of God and His will for our lives.  He is in control, loves His people and will grant grace and mercy to His believers.

A Scout is Loyal:  During difficult and stressful times we all need friends to be able to lean on.  Now is the time to support, encourage and be the foundation for others who might have great unexpected burdens related to the coronavirus.  Don’t overburden one another with unnecessary or trivial matters.

A Scout is Helpful, Friendly, Kind:  Reach out to your neighbor, the elderly, healthcare or emergency management person and offer assistance (as permitted) with a warm smile, email or even trip to obtain supplies.  Compliments to all the units who have already organized such efforts.  Also, call your unit members, check in on them and make sure they are alright!

A Scout is Courteous:  Tensions, impatience and other human tendencies often increase when we are restricted, confined and quite frankly bored.  I’m reminded of the line at the end of all BSA emails: Stop! Think! Click!…  In these times and always, it would be prudent to substitute “Click” for “Speak”.

A Scout is Obedient:  Follow the directives of our emergency management, healthcare and government officials. We may not always understand, have the answer to why or want to follow, but aren’t we thankful that, for the most part, we live in a civil society.  And Thank God, the BSA remains committed to teaching civility, citizenship and character.

A Scout is Cheerful:  Everyone is experiencing similar challenges and issues.  May we all demonstrate the smile indicated in the scroll of the first-class badge that scouts are cheerful when doing their duty.

A Scout is Thrifty:  Need I say more… use that toilet paper wisely.  All tested scouts know leaves are not the best choice.

A Scout is Brave:  Scouts of all ages whether it is the Eagle Scout Board Member who is a financial planner, the student who wonders how the semester will end, or the service industry worker that saw an abrupt end to their lifestyle two weeks ago.  Parents, volunteer and business leaders and all adults must recognize the fear a child might have during this time and responsibly provide comfort and assurance.  It takes a brave person to do so and the depth of that can be found in Scout Law #1–the trustworthiness in our God.

A Scout is Clean:  Additional suggestions are unnecessary at this point as the CDC and other health organizations have most adequately communicated instructions. However, remain diligent in your efforts and overemphasize to children the need to continue these practices into the future and throughout life.

And lastly but most importantly…

A Scout is Reverent:  Pray for our Nation, State and Local officials, healthcare workers, educators, religious leaders and all who have direct responsibilities for our wellbeing.  Pray for the BSA, your families, and volunteer leaders.  Pray for each scout in your unit individually and by name.  Pray that they will also be brave during this pandemic, that they will learn to find salvation and eternal life and establish the Scout Oath and Law as their code forever bound with a Duty to God and Country.

Yours in Scouting,

Clif Morris
Scout Executive